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What To Do When Stuck In An Elevator
Published By stonecutter on 2012-09-26 50 Views

Being stuck in an elevator for whatever reason can be one of the most frightening experiences for a lot of people. Especially if you are claustrophobic, the experience will even be horrible. Even for people who have no problems with claustrophobia, the level of discomfort is still quite high.
It would help a lot to reduce the anxiety if you know what to do.


1) Do not panic
The first urge for some will be to scream and cry, even pound wildly on the door. That is not abnormal, but panic will only cloud your judgement and increase the anxiety. So control yourself, it will conserve your energy and enable you to make wise decisions. No building maintenance team likes to have their elevator in a non-working condition. Bear in mind that help is on the way.


2) Remind yourself of some facts.
You do not hear too often of people dying from being stuck in an elevator. This is because the technicians are also in a hurry to keep it working again and free the people who are trapped inside. You will also not likely to die of oxygen deprivation during the period.


3) Press the emergency button
This will alert the security personnel about your situation. Most probably, the elevator also has an intercom wherein you can talk directly to the security while you are stuck.


4) Talk to others
If you are not alone inside the lift, talk to the person next to you. This will lessen the anxiety that both of you are feeling. Try to make light of the situation and calm each other.


5) Call your family and friends
Just to double check if the security is aware that you are stuck inside, call somebody to see if help is on the way.


Bear in mind that modern elevators are designed to keep passengers safe even in such situations. Relax and trust that help is on the way.



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